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Joyful Families Spill the Tea

“Elianna and Alicia gave us tangible next steps and ideas for new approaches to cooking together and we are already seeing results!”


“Our kids have a lot more awareness about what goes into making a meal, and less hesitancy about a helping out.”


“ If you would like to improve anything about your family's meals, whether it's the food itself, the environment, dealing with picky eaters, or something else, what Elianna and Alicia are offering is a wonderful opportunity. They meet you where you are, and It was 100% judgment-free.”


“My kids now view cooking together as a treat, and their culinary skills have improved a ton”


Course Outline

Transforming Mealtimes Together

    1. Introductions

    2. Pre Class Work: Movie Time & Survey

    1. Class 1: Your Food Story Presentation

    2. Ratatouille Soup Recipe

    3. Kitchen Clean Up Checklist

    1. Class 2: Adventurous Eaters Presentation

    2. Creative Curry, Rice and Lassi Recipes

    3. Kitchen Reflection Wheel Activity

    4. Family Food Agreements

    1. Class 3: Lets Get Organized Presentation

    2. Rainbow Taco Party Recipes

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Alicia and Elianna are family food coaches! We are on a mission to make healthy habits come to life in tangible and sustainable ways, teaching families to cook nutritious meals together and build lifelong healthy relationships with food. We created this online self paced course for you and your family to enjoy at your own pace. 

We also offer personalized family food coaching and classes.  Please e-mail us for more information: [email protected]